Let’s try this again

Seems unbelievable that it has been well over a year since I have posted. Good things are happening and I do think that it is time that start blogging once again.
My oldest daughter and her husband are expecting their first child and he is due to arrive on December 25, 2001. Yep! That’s right Christmas Day! Our very own Gingerbread Boy!
Gramma Mac has busy preparing things for “Little Guy”. I will be attending a baby shower next Saturday and I think I might have to blog about stuff.


Oh my how time flies!  So glad that spring is finally here!  YAY! 

This month, Aimee asked for house blocks from the members of the bee, 1 Year, 12 Quilts.   She included the fabric for the sky and asked for us to use scraps to create a house block.  I had this great fabric that I thought would make a suitable roof and then I just pulled coordinating fabrics to create a “little pink house”.  When it was all done, it made me think of that John Mellencamp tune “Little Pink Houses”.   


 Little pink house quilt block

I also created a “Husker House”.  Residing in Nebraska there are plenty of Husker fanatics.  People just LOVE football.  GO BIG RED!  Now I am by no means a Husker fanatic but I had some Nebraska fabric scraps leftover from a gift I made for a Husker fanatic.  I fussy cut the fabric and if you look closely you can see Herbie the Husker in the window.

Husker house quilt block 

So there you have it.  A couple of “Rocking the house quilt blocks”.  I hope they suit Aimee’s fancy! 

Red cross quilt blocks

This month at 1 Year, 12 Quilts, Rene requested red crosses.  This challenged me to create something I would not have typically made.  I looked at some of my favorite traditional quit patterns and then put my own twist to it.  I added a frame around this first block.  It seemed to make it feel surrounded by a church.  I wish the reds I used had a bit more contrast to allow for more depth to the design. 

Red cross quilt blockNow the second block seems to have a better contrast with the red fabrics. 

 I have to say, I really enjoyed creating thess two blocks for Rene.  She intends to make a quilt for her whole family to snuggle under while watching movies.  Oh the warmth of it all!  Can’t you just feel it?  🙂 

 I have been following the others in this bee, and of those that I have seen, we have all created very unique red crosses.  Enjoy the blocks Rene!

“Twirling Star”

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It’s Snowing!

Last night, the Omaha area received 2-3 inches of snow.  The weather man reports we are likely to receive 6-10 inches more of the white stuff by Wednesday morning.  Now plenty of folks just grumble at the thought of this. But not me!  I have the next two days off from work so when I heard the forecast my first thought was…Do I have enough in supplies to knock out some projects in my sewing room?  He he he!  Of course I have enough stuff to keep me occupied for quite some time!   Maybe I should check the pantry to be certain we won’t go hungry if we are snowed in for a bit.  Guess this is a case of a quilter’s priorities.

Hope you stay warm and happy!

Mini quilt give away!

The Sewbot is having a mini quilt give away.  She does some interesting stuff over there.  Go check out her site and get yourself registered for a cute mini holiday quilt.

Here’s the link

About me. Sew Mama Mac.

I have been informed that I should fill out the “About” section. Hmm…how does one describe one’s self? I have read many bios of other bloggers and it seems that pretty much every bio is some sort of positive statement about how fabulous that blogger is. I have discovered that there are a lot of talented people out there sharing pieces of their life. Because isn’t that what a blog really is? Pieces of your life?
So.. about me, Sew Mama Mac…
I am a woman living in the midwest, sharing my life with my mate/husband, enjoying a couple of the finest daughters ever created, working as a professional in the medical field, and making “stuff” on a regular basis.
What kind of “stuff”? “Stuff” that I am proud to give as a gift or to place on display. I like my “stuff” to represent a piece of me. My “stuff” is: food, quilts, clothing, purses, bags, home decorating items, costumes, even a bit of poetry.
I am simply the best at being me, Sew Mama Mac. I have a passion for making all sorts of “stuff” and sharing my “stuff” with others. This blog will consist of some of that “stuff”. Pieces of me that I will share with you, the reader. I am glad you are here.